“The Archimedean point from which I can perceive the world around me starts with my own self-transformation.”
(Martin Buber)


People opt for coaching

• when their inner growth collides with external conditions.
• when they reach the limits of their repertoire for constructive solution finding.
• if they need a sound basis for far-reaching decisions.
• when they are on the threshold of a new stage of development or a new phase of life.
• if they want to create orientation and clarity for acute or chronic life situations (‘endless loops’).
• if they need assistance in tackling major challenges and achieving their goals.
• if they want to clarify, actively shape and promote interpersonal relationships.
• to overcome crises.
• in case of internal termination
• to create perspectives
• To explore and unfold their potential.
• to increase trust in a self-responsible, active life.

We illuminate the causes of the concern and form a coaching goal attainable for the participant. Specific. Measurable. Ambitious. Realistic. Timed.

By sorting the situation, clarifying the value system and identifying existing and activatable resources, the client gains new perspectives in his self-reflection and his external world. No longer useful patterns of behavior are resolved and replaced by newly learned, meaningful behavior. Active decision-making and conscious control give the participant security and control in his individual situation. Situations become manageable; Goals attainable.

In coaching, participants are guided through the process using professional methods. Confidence, openness, empathy, clarity, intuition, seriousness and humor form the framework for this.

The decision for coaching is the first step.


‘Values represent a persistent belief of a human being.’
(V.E. Frankl)

Values control our actions, decisions, relationships and our communication. Every human being has his own value system.
The values that exist can reinforce each other, but also collide or be in .
Value conflicts are the most common cause of a coaching subject.


Challenges are situations with demands.
These demands contain the meaning that serves as a reason for renewal and growth.
Meaning is the objective that we find in our values.
Meaning is ground that carries us.


First meeting

In order to get to know each other, we have a free first meeting. It is important for me to clarify that I am the right person for your concern. On this occasion, both sides can gain a sense of whether the interpersonal basis for constructive cooperation exists. I will explain my working method, agree with you on the general conditions and outline the next steps. Ask me.

Coaching series

Individual coaching, time-limited to an agreed number of appointments, for dealing with the topics and concerns defined in the start-up phase.


According to suitability and need for a time-compressed coaching process on half or a full day.

Single session

Occasionally, the coaching attendee will only need a clarifying session to work on his topic. Also as a refresher and supplement to already clarified topics.


Confronting and challenging simulations with the coachee to strengthen, clarify and for briefing their position in the individual situation.


Recurring review, discussion and evaluation of current projects, strategies and objectives of the coaching client


• Personal meetings at the agreed location
• via videoconference
• on the phone
• Online

Participation in coaching is voluntary, even with job coaching.
Coaching is not therapy.
Coaching is confidential. The professional exchange with an authorized supervision for the quality assurance of the coaching takes place anonymously.
Our coaching approach is professional and neutral. We do not disseminate spiritual, religious, political or ideological ideas of any kind and guarantee that we are not directly or indirectly connected to any such organization.
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