‘On what you focus will expand.
Mastering the ability to change isn’t just a crucial strategy for business.
It’s a necessity for health. And it’s possibly the one thing that’s most worth learning.’

(Alan Deutschman)

What we do

We assist companies, creative people and freelancers.

As entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we know what situation, opportunity, risk, effort and timing mean. We determine the status quo of our clients and understand the full development of their possibilities as our mission. Every measure to support the entrepreneurial activities of our clients is checked for results and future viability.


• Leadership Coaching
• Business Development
• Foundation planning / implementation
• Change Management
• Interim Management
• Crisis intervention
• Conflict management
• Separation
• Accompaniment in company succession
• Employees – Coaching
• Sparring / Monitoring
• Hands-On

Concerns of our clients


• Foundation: We are starting anew and do not want to miss anything.
• Business Initiation: How do we identify healthy projects in advance?
• Leadership: Overload of key positions – Bottleneck management.
• Dilemma: Capacity vs. costs
• Analysis: We earn too little. Where do our revenues go?
• Shock: sudden failure of the management.
• Conflicts: Friction losses in the crew.
• Separation: Exit of a business partner.
• Crisis: Stagnation, imminent insolvency.
• Change: How do we want to change to get our company on the right track?

How we work

Customer benefit is priority number 1. Every step is coordinated. Whether one-on-one or as a team. According to the task, we offer the integration of our experts upon request and if required. We can form interdisciplinary teams in loose couplings and integrate them into the task of our clientele. Openly. Professionally. Competently. Experienced. Without frills.

What it costs

Our keg has a bottom: Project-related, we integrate our services so that for our clients the maximum benefit at reasonable prices arises. Either as a package, time-based or based on success. A first brief discussion of your concern is free.