We appear more confident


Coaching changed our economic self-reflection. Since then, we have been rigorously reviewing client inquiries based on the premise whether and under what circumstances this can become a “healthy project” for our office. We calculate more precisely from the beginning and since then we have been able to refuse requests if framework conditions do not allow a healthy project.

Advantages we draw from it:

We work more profitably and communicate more clearly with the client right from the start. It has become clear to me that not only do we have to qualify for the client, but the client also for us. We appear more confident, and have a changed self-image. I bring faster and more direct business decisions and I am more consistent when it comes to representing the interests of our company.

R.L., Architect, Munich

New quality in dealing with customers, suppliers and private field

By working together with Mr. Glauner, I have managed to focus on the essentials, namely, myself, in crisis situations and to work out feasible action and solution approaches. Especially through his “stubborn” support he has achieved that these approaches are also lived sustainably. This led to new quality in dealing with customers, suppliers and also in the private environment.

D.B. Entrepreneur, Munich

At the core of the problem


I was amazed at which seemingly simple questions Mr Glauner used to get to the core of the problem, and very grateful how quickly we were able to sort and organize my jumble of ideas and concerns together, and then develop well-designed solutions.

S.F., Lawyer, Munich

Extraordinary capacity for understanding

Mr. Ramon has an extraordinary capacity for understanding our motivations, and, with great competence, he mobilizes us toward ourselves and our purposes for life. After a few conversations, with a simple question, he immediately put me in the right “mind setting” to pursue my goals, according to my own principles and values. Always available, he is an extraordinary human being, with a vibrant and sensitive intelligence, guiding the coaching relationship for strong moral and ethical values. It was a pleasure to have you as a personal coach. Thank you very much.

Maria J. Babo, Rio Tinto, Portugal

Inner change


Ramon has accompanied me as a coach for many years. If I find myself at a “dead end” in business or in private, I turn to him. His professional competence paired with empathy, strength, analytical sense and a lot of humor make him a valuable sparring partner for me. With his support I am able to explore the cause of conflicts and to rediscover situations, to recognize solutions and my scope for action and to reach my goals with the help of learned tools and forms of communication. Over the years, thanks to Ramon’s work (and my spiritual practice), an inner transformation has taken place. This manifests itself in my life in that fewer conflicts occur, and when, I can solve them more quickly, through more serenity and contentment. Thank you!

B.v.P., Designer and Retailer, Munich

Spring cleaning for the head


The sessions with Ramon were like spring cleaning for the head. Find, clean up, and throw away what you no longer need with a focus on what is important. Thank you Ramon for your ability to put your finger to the problem and at the same time awaken the self-healing powers in me. You helped me a lot during a difficult time.

D.S., authorized signatory, music distribution Munich

Cleverly guided discussions


I can highly recommend the coachings of Ramon Glauner : The cleverly conducted talks never remain on the surface. With his persistent questions, he gently leads us on the right path.

N.B., Photo Director, Condé Nast Verlag, Munich



The coaching gave me courage. During the conversation, my problem problem slowly started to reveal itself. After that, I just had to tackle it down. That was an honest, productive conversation. Thanks for that.

X.S. Film director, Munich

Grand soutien

Ramon a su m’apporter un grand soutien en structurant une situation critique et en proposant des solutions optimales et adaptées. Je le remercie sincèrement pour son aide constructive et pragmatique dont je tire un grand enseignement pour la poursuite de mon activité. Merci aussi pour le calme et l’énergie qu’il m’a apportés.

C.B., Country Manager – Online Store, München

Sovereignty in the job


Through coaching, I feel that I have grown into to my new role in my job, instead as before, overburdened and vulnerable. I now know what is expected of me and how I can tackle even difficult topics. Even chaos has got a structure to me now. I have the tools I need to do my job to my satisfaction and experience much more clarity. I have the necessary distance to see things clearly and, if necessary, find a solution to a problem. More sovereignty in the job.

K.S., editor, Munich

Illuminating coaching


With the support of Ramon Glauner, I have discovered perspectives that I suspected but never allowed myself to think of. Thank you for the illuminating coaching.

P.B., Lawyer, Hamburg

Effective methods


During the whole coaching weekend I felt very well looked after. The methods used were not only interesting, but above all effective. Already after 2 days I could notice a noticeable change with me. What was particularly helpful to me was the realization that my real problems were different from the ones I had previously defined as concerns. I am very grateful for the effort, time and dedication that Mr. Glauner has invested in me. Collaboration has opened new paths for me. I can highly recommend him as a coach.

R.B., Purchasing, Munich

No sterile discussions


The coaching was about recognizing strengths and possibilities beyond blockages and tension. In a short time, the most important aspects of the topic became visible and rearranged. The goal was to gradually formulate the aspects in coherent, concise and precise sentences in order to have a clear overall picture in mind. Everything came from relaxed conversation. No sterile discussions. False beliefs or ideas were thus not only revealed but also defused by this simplicity and clarity. Very relaxingly, I found that everything was surprisingly fast to arrange. Initially focused on helplessness and chaos, the focus naturally turned to true intentions, solutions, and goals.

M.E., author, Munich / Strasbourg

New lightness


Thanks to Ramon’s coaching, I was able to work out the reason for my inner unrest and discontent. Through his targeted questioning we quickly realized that I already had the answers to my predefined topics in me, but never admitted them. With his support, we set a clear goal and developed a roadmap and tools to help me achieve that goal. During the whole coaching I felt taken very seriously and safe. Now it’s up to me to take matters into my own hands. Thanks to the increased self-confidence and the newly gained ease, I am looking forward to the new challenge. Thank you, Ramon, for making me a Couragist!

K.S., Operations Manager, Nuremberg

Very refreshing

I found Ramon’s approach to coaching to be very refreshing. Instead of telling you what to do, he helps you to find the answers that are already inside yourself. In this way, the solutions he helps you to find are highly workable and long-lasting. Ramon has helped me to structure my business like never before. Working in this new structure, I can see my goals more clearly and am able to organise my time and resources to work towards these goals. I now feel far more in control of my business. I didn’t need too many sessions to make significant progress and I could now ‘go it alone’ but feel that Ramon’s input is so valuable I would like to keep touch over the longer term to make sure I stay 100% on track.

J.N. Unternehmerin, Birmingham / UK

The outside view


The coaching with Ramon Glauner helped a lot in a difficult personal and professional situation. The view outside view decisively contributed to the evaluation of my situation and new ways of finding meaning. The clear structure of his questions, as well as a pinch of humor, made it possible for me to open up and thus find a base to try new strategies. Thanks a lot for this!

M.R., photographer, Munich

Undiscovered skills


Working with Mr. Glauner has always been characterized by a trusting, professional, demanding atmosphere. He has surprised me, time after time, which abilities he can make come to life in me. The sessions have made me see, my own value, what (undiscovered) skills, needs, desires, aspirations I have and how can I bring them into line with my life and goals. You have undoubtedly triggered a process of change in me.

I think the picture of a traveler who did not dare at first to get on the train but still wants to experience new adventures is very relatable. It was (and is still) a journey, a journey with a destination, accompanied by many insights on how beautiful a journey can be when I take it. Those impressions, feelings and the practical experience daily to in one’s life, to make it and not to let it influence, and not only be influenced, show edge and not to be uniform, to overcome fears, not to be driven but to be active, making conscious decisions were, are and will be constant memories, companions and motivators.

I would like to thank Mr Glauner once again for his patience, openness and honesty and for his support in accompanying me on this journey.

Thank you!

S.H., IT Consultant, Munich

Trust in my possibilities


How am I supposed to describe Ramon Glauner taking his time the moment I fell out of everyday life? That he had a plan when I had no one left? That he has found exactly the words that appeal to me? That we were able to laugh together despite the chaos in my head and returned my confidence in my possibilities? That he guided me professionally and very sensitively along my own thoughts from an incapacity to return to creativity? Thank you for everything!

J.K., architect / Munich

Excellent company analysis


Excellent company analysis with evaluation of the internal and external communication of an architectural office, the organizational and planning processes with subsequent systematic optimization of all internal planning processes including acquisition, support of the clients, project management and fee calculation.

R.K. Architectural office / Munich

Fundamental help, advice and guidelines

I have had the privilege of meeting Ramon Glauner for more than a year, and since then, his help, advice and guidelines have been fundamental to me both professionally and personally. I admire his work, his professionalism, and his dedication. With its support and solutions, it is much easier not only to clearly identify objectives and goals, but also to achieve objectives. I highly recommend Ramon’s services.

S.R.P. Porto /Portugal

Growing success


My growing success as a communication designer was largely contributed to by the support of Ramon Glauner. Up to now, our cooperation has focused on communication: efficient written communication; Formulation (also formal) of briefings and offers; Strategy for marketing and negotiations. Additional topics: Structuring an effective workflow and positioning on the market. I will be happy to continue working with Ramon Glauner.

A.S. Design / Munich

Absolutely satisfied


We are completely satisfied with the extremely professional work to the fullest extent. The goals we set ourselves were always achieved quickly, while the interaction was always very harmonious. Our wishes and problems were dealt with very intensively. The result of the collaboration has always been a complete success. Therefore, there will be no more competent and better partner for us in the future.

T.W. Metal Spinning / Bavaria

Awesome listener

When I met Ramon my first thoughts were he is an awesome listener with an excellent communication skills and attitude. He hears others with their ideas, suggestion to address them. It is like not playing the role of the driver but being next to the driver to guide, share motivation, confidence and make sure it has been taken care. I would recommend him for any sort of coaching.

J.R. Lead Consultant / Hamburg

Pillar of my practice foundation


Ramon Glauner was the pillar of my founding implementation. Together, we laid the foundation for my office and coped well with the intensive start-up phase. Thanks a lot! Highly Recommended

V.S. Speech therapy practice / Reutlingen

Developed to another company


Initial situation H. G. Engineering:

Bad order situation despite qualified MA

Objective of cooperation with Ramon:

Start with reorientation inside and outside.

Why with Ramon ?:

The initial contact came about through the recommendation of a business partner who already worked well with Ramon.

The decision to work together came after several personal discussions.

What expectations did I have at the beginning of the cooperation?

Good advice with regard to entrepreneurial – commercial, personnel and organizational decisions.

How did Ramon deviate from that?

In particular:

He started by exposing the personal expectations and goals of the MA and myself, thereby transferring the responsibility of developing the company to the workforce as a whole.

What was Ramon’s focus on working with me?

He concentrated on teaching me the traits of leadership.

It should be taken literally, since Ramon started with my biggest deficit.

How does Ramon reach the individual characters?

Ramon divided his work into 3 areas:

Work with each one.

Work in the group

Preparation and follow-up outside of our company

Then continue with the next steps

What consequences did this approach have?

All participants, which Ramon could win for a real cooperation, had a new view on the common situation and could subsequently “rebuild” the company with appropriate feedback.

Within what period were changes felt?

In my opinion, I can divide it into 3 phases:

First phase:

Shortly after the start of the cooperation, a positive development in the company with regard to closer cooperation among the MA and with me soon. Dialogue culture has been relatively quickly turned into more productive channels.

Time: The first 8-10 weeks

Second phase:

After initial initial successes, the improvement curve flattened, as due to improved communication, the friction points were addressed more clearly and the solutions were power-consuming.

Time: The first half year

Third phase:

Continuous consistent enforcement of the learned content on my part as a leader and the employee as a co-representative of the company, review by practiced “customs”.

Time: from six months after initial contact, ongoing

Conclusion so far:

HGE has developed into another company with better cohesion, greater market opportunities and concomitant growth and economic recovery within this 3rd phase.


We see a cooperation with Ramon as a partner to continue our development.

H.G. Engineering / Rohrbach